Custom Covers

Custom Covers specializes in the manufacturing of custom made protective covers for :

  • Patio Furniture Covers
  • Braai Covers
  • Umbrella Covers
  • Generator Covers
  • Lawnmower Covers
  • Golf Cart Covers
  • Boat Covers
  • Car Covers
  • Sandpit Covers
  • Birdcage Covers
  • Jacuzzi Covers

Custom Covers Protect Against:

  • Sun, rain and dust ruining your furniture
  • Pets messing on/chewing your furniture
  • Provides storage space for your cushions

We do not sell products off the shelf as such, instead all of our protective covers are custom made, since all patio furniture differs in size. We service the Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We come to you to measure up.



  • Nautilus

    Nautilus is made by coating a plain weave polyester with a resin. We then laminate a soft non-woven polyester backer to the one side. An additional Teflon treatment is coated on the face side in order to enhance the water repellent properties. This material is waterproof....

  • Rip-Stop

    RIPSTOP has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout Africa, and will exceed your expectations in both quality and performance....

  • Polyester

    Description: 600D is a plain weave polyester material that has a PVC backing. This material is waterproof due to its PVC backing, however it is not UV treated and will perish in the sun over time. Applications: This material is mainly used in the manufacturing of luggage, but can also be used for: patio furniture covers, pet products, rifle bags, and much more. Colour Range: Grey Beige Green Brown....

  • Polyweave

    Polyweave is a woven high density polyethylene; it has a UV inhibitor as well as a waterproofing compound. This helps the material to last longer outdoors....