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Specialised Covers

  • Truck Covers
  • Boat Covers
  • Jetski Covers
  • Gazibo Covers
  • Cargo\Safety Nets
  • Shade Cloths
  • Dog Bed Covers
  • Fire Hydrant Covers
  • Tarpaulin Covers
  • Generator Covers
  • Bicycle Covers
  • Geyser Covers
  • Golf Cart Covers
  • Bird Cage Covers


  • Nautilus

    Nautilus is made by coating a plain weave polyester with a resin. We then laminate a soft non-woven polyester backer to the one side. An additional Teflon treatment is coated on the face side in order to enhance the water repellent properties. This material is waterproof....

  • Rip-Stop

    RIPSTOP has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout Africa, and will exceed your expectations in both quality and performance....

  • Polyester

    Description: 600D is a plain weave polyester material that has a PVC backing. This material is waterproof due to its PVC backing, however it is not UV treated and will perish in the sun over time. Applications: This material is mainly used in the manufacturing of luggage, but can also be used for: patio furniture covers, pet products, rifle bags, and much more. Colour Range: Grey Beige Green Brown....

  • Polyweave

    Polyweave is a woven high density polyethylene; it has a UV inhibitor as well as a waterproofing compound. This helps the material to last longer outdoors....